What is a Danish Højskole like?
The Václav Havel European Højskole (pronounced ‘hoiskole’) will be stablished following the Danish ’Højskole’ model. The Danish ‘Højskole’ offers non-formal adult education. The courses are residential and typically last up to 16 weeks. The concept of ‘non-formal adult education’ is associated with Danish philosopher and educational thinker, N.F.S. Grundtvig. The concept arose in the 19th century and is one of the cornerstones of the Danish educational system. Teaching at these schools is characterized by professionalism and dedication. Classes are based on dialogue and mutual learning between teachers and students. The focus is on discovering and strengthen the unique skills of each participant in a challenging yet supportive social atmosphere.

Václav Havel
We, the founders, are proud have been allowed to present the name of Václav Havel in this context. This charismatic, intellectual both author and politician, the late president of first the Czechoslovak and then Czech Republic, Václav Havel, showed courage, was visionary, had a deep sense of cultural needs, and he combined all this by humour. He fought for freedom, respect and dignity – and won! He was – and is – an inspiring personality, accepted as such by all Europe!

The aim of the European Højskole:
Establishing a community of Europeans by bringing together members of the various European Movements, and former pupils of the European Schools, as well as other people from relevant organizations. Former pupils of the European Schools will have the opportunity to come together, either through annual class meetings or anniversary events to celebrate, to learn and discuss current European topics and meet other Europeans. Members of the European Movements will have the opportunity to meet people from other member countries to discuss and learn either about general themes or current affairs. However, this European Højskole will be open to everyone who has an interest in building their knowledge of and network within Europe.  

In practice:
The Václav Havel European Højskole will offer 1 week long courses.  The courses will have a key theme, chosen either by the headmaster or by a group of participants in advance. All classes, talks and activities will support the common theme and during the week, there will be an afternoon and/or an evening with no names activity scheduled. This will provide the opportunity for a surprise event. The events will be open to the public.

One day conferences will be mainly for common citizens, NGOs, etc.

One or two days seminars will be held, often up to a conference, to let the participants be prepared for the theme of the conferences.

The working languages will be English, but translation into German and French might be possible.