Our mission

So many people are worried about Europe. They are feeling bad about the challenges, Europe is confronted by!

So many people say, they don’t know enough about Europe – we want to do something about this!

Just one example: The so called subsidiarity principle is not working – many people feel it has been put up-side down – they want the people to be in charge of what can be solved on local levels, then on regional level, then on national level and then, but not before, on EU level!

So many people want to meet people from other countries, organizations or meet other people sharing the same interest for Europe in an atmosphere where everybody feel comfortable. We make it possible!

So many people would simply like to meet old friends, former classmates, relatives from fare away – or they just want to find out what a typical Danish ‘Højskole’ is like!

We will offer you courses whereby you will be confronted with themes of both general interest and specific values!

We will carry out conferences and seminars dealing with actual themes and involving common European citizens!